A 10-year-old information portal solely dedicated to Salt Lake City, Kolkata’s own cyber city. The site is a bridge between Salt Lake City and people around the world. Clicksaltlake provides a 360-degree information experience through special interests.


A unique guide to Kolkata (Calcutta), Bengali and West Bengal. Explore all about Kolkata,its culture,festivals, food habits to daily happening. Durga puja coverage from entire state along with e-commerce facility to both India and USA/UK and the list is endless.

Ace Icons

An exclusive site offering Icon sets in various styles- Vistine, Roma, Glasso, Ace apart from other graphics.

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testimonial   quote The team was very helpful and proved to be an excellent choice mainly because my own ideas were well translated and their experience kept the project grounded. I am really pleased my website maintains a sense of cohesion in the presentation. In final, I have a welcoming website. quote
Francis Upton